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No. subject date
19 Q 1. What is the functional difference between Alcarin products? 2007-12-06
18 Q 2. What is the functional difference between the Fremol and the ?-Polygel used as quality improver? 2007-12-06
17 Q 3. What is the difference in chelation effect between Sporix and metaphosphate? 2007-12-06
16 Q 4. What is the reason of that the color of the water to make the dough turns yellow after addition? 2007-12-06
15 Q 5. What is the difference between synthetic colorants and natural colorants? 2007-12-06
14 Q 6. What kind of food additive is used for making dumpling skin? 2007-12-06
13 Q 7. Which additive can be used to extend the preservative life of noodles? 2007-12-06
12 Q 8. What are the kinds of calcium products for agriculture and how to use them? 2007-12-06
11 Q 9. What is the difference between PM-GA and CS, all of which are used for processing meat products? 2007-12-06
10 Q 10. What is the phosphate fit for preventing discoloration of fruit juice and drink? 2007-12-06
9 Q 11. What is the phosphate fit for preventing precipitation of a drink containing calcium? 2007-12-06
8 Q 12. What is the additive fit for intensifying the stability of colorant? 2007-12-06
7 Q 13. How to use Fumaraid? 2007-12-06
6 Q 14. What are the expiration date and the way of keeping? 2007-12-06
5 Q 15. How about the labeling on the allergy? 2007-12-06
4 Q 16. How to label on the mixed preparations of food additives? 2007-12-06
3 Q 17. How to use the compound raw materials? 2007-12-06
2 Q 18. When the name of raw material is displayed, should the content (= percentage) be labeled? 2007-12-06
1 Q 19. Is there any restriction in use phosphates as food additives? And are they OK to human body? 2007-12-06