SDBNI Co., Ltd.

Program for R&D

SDBNI has done the business positively in a wide range of processed foods with academic-industrial cooperation. In result, SDBNI has come to get some kinds of technological patent rights with their own technology.

Moreover, SDBNI is putting spurs to R&D on the bio-natural food ingredients with come to be very popular among people being considerably influenced by the late wind of well-being.

At the same time, SDBNI is now under a variety of studies of their own or in collaboration with affiliated or cooperative organizations to look for the original creative technologies surely needed in the future.


By doing so said above, SDBNI is doing so much for improving the life of people of the world, which is SDBNI’s ultimate goal, with new and high technologies∙products∙business.

R&D is the source of growth to SDBNI with the motto,

"The Establishment of an Enterprise on the Basis of Technologies",

making a study with their own technology on the bio-natural food ingredients.
The R&D laboratory institute of SDBNI is taking a lot of synergy effects under joint researchs along with affiliated or cooperative organizations, keeping their own originality.

The keywords which get to be the pillars of SDBNI read『Bio-Natural』, 『Safety·Easiness』, 『Health』and『Environment』. SDBNI will continue R&D to contribute to better living of customers for tomorrow.