SDBNI Co., Ltd.
CEO Greetings

Since 1974, established as a company R&D of functional food ingredients and food additives, as well as manufacturing, dealing and exporting them, we set up our own quality standards, the QUASS (=Quality Assurance System of SDBNI),.

To develop the functional food ingredients of safe pro-environmental only, we have produced and provided customers with the commodities such as emulsifying stabilizers, natural colorants, natural antioxidants, natural preservatives, acidulants, natural binders and the other functional ingredients on the basis of a variety of technological patent rights and licenses such as ISO9001, ISO4001, HACCP, Certificate of Clean Business.

It is the reason why the goods produced by these distinguished technologies are proud of the worldwide recognition of high quality.

Up to now, we have laid stress upon developing food ingredients. However, we are already getting expected results also in developing the ingredients for industrial use, pharmacy, cosmetics, health foods. Etc.

We will do the best without cease to assure the quality and to develop new natural high value-added ingredients with more safety and more pro-environment.

Kim, Ilhwan, Ph. D.

Food Additives